Suggested Aircraft Arrival Procedures

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Coordinates: 36 40' 56.4730" N 76 36' 6.7440" W (36.68235361, -76.60187333) - Estimated
Elevation: 72' MSL - Estimated
Variation: 10W (1995)
Location: 3 miles SW of SUFFOLK, VA
Unicom: 122.7
Ground Advisory: 121.75
  • Runway 7-25 is closed by NOTAM from Thursday evening until Monday morning
  • Sunday, between 1 and 2 PM, the airport will be closed by NOTAM for the airshow

36 48.030N
7-25 76 43.084W

The initial point is a warehouse on Route 460 southeast of Windsor, VA. This warehouse also has a water tower on the east side. The suggested altitude is 2000 feet to be above the radio tower that is topped at 1085 feet MSL.

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Fly in a single file on a heading of approximately 100 degrees magnetic, following Route 460 toward the city of Suffolk. We recommend all pilots maintain 100 knots if capable and 2000 feet altitude.

36 45.186N
76 34.959W

The second point is a water tower on the east side of Suffolk. There is a landfill approximately 5 miles east of this point. Stay west of the landfill to avoid potential high density bird activity. Maintain 2000 feet until you pass the water tower.

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Turn right to follow the border of the Dismal Swamp (very distinctive; forest on the left, open fields on the right) SFQ will be off the right wing. Stay close to the Dismal Swamp as you descend to pattern altitude (1072 feet for singles / 1572 feet for twins). If 22 is the active runway look for downwind traffic and maintain separation.

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  • If landing Runway 4, enter a 45 degree leg to a right downwind
  • If landing Runway 22, continue in a right circle to a 45 degree entry to a left downwind

Runways 7 - 25 will be closed during the fly-in.

WARNING: There may be skydiving activities in the area.
WARNING: Do NOT overfly the field due to possible conflict with the skydivers.

Runway 4

Exit the runway with a left turn when possible and follow instructions of parking volunteers with flags.


Runway 22

Exit the runway with a mid-field right turn or a right turn at the end and follow instructions of parking volunteers with flags.

Our volunteers who assist aircraft parking will be on the look-out for hand-held signs that indicate your intentions. You may make one of your own or print out one of the following.

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