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Vendors and Exhibitors at the 2005 Virginia Regional Festival of FLIGHT

Aircraft Hardware, Accessories & Instruction
 Aircraft Spruce & Speciality
 Aviation Unlimited Agency, Inc.
 Causey Aviation Services, Inc.
 Engine Components, Inc.
 Freeman's Just Plane Hardware
 Kelly Aerospace
 Lowrance Avionics
 Pacific Oil Cooler
 Speerit Wings, LLC
 Superior Air Parts
Teledyne Mattituck Services
 Wilkerson Aircraft Tires
Aircraft Sales
 Carolina Aircraft, Inc.
 Central Virginia Aviation, Inc.
 Cirrus Design
 Columbia Atlantic, LLC
 Horizon Aircraft Sales & Leasing
 Just Aircraft
 Kappa Aircraft
 Liberty Aerospace, Inc.
 Liberty Sport Aviation, LLC
 MAP Inc.
 Mid-Atlantic Sports Planes
 Mid-Atlantic Diamond Aircraft
 Mid-Atlantic Sports Planes
 North East Symphony
 Piedmont Hawthorne
 Precision Windsports, Inc.
 Sky Ranger Aircraft Co.
 Tiger Aircraft, LLC
 Van's Aircraft, Inc.
 Virginia GlaStar/Sportsman Builders Group
 Velocity, Inc.
 C.D.S. Concessions - Smoothies, Drinks
 Harold & Donna Concession - Nachos, Blooming Onion, Fries, Drinks
 Have Carts Will Travel - Ice cream & Lemonade
 Hayco - Meat products
 Meadowbrook BBQ - NC Style Bar-B-Que
 Robertson Funnel Cake - Funnel Cakes, Drinks
 Shaw's BBQ
 TRF Concessions - Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Chicken Nuggets, Corn Dogs
History & Museums
 Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society
 Virginia Aviation Museum
 The Southern Aviator
 GA News
 Carprop Co. Plus - Propellers for Autos
 Jet Pilot Photo - Have your picture taken in an F4 cockpit
 Rag Bag Aero Works Inc. - Embroidery specializing in aviation designs
 Wings, Inc. - Aviation Toys & Novelties
Other Organizations
 Air Tech Flying Club
 Army National Guard
 Boy Scouts of America
 Civil Air Patrol
 Commemorative Air Force
 Discovery of Flight Foundation with the Wright B Simulator
 Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)
 NASA Langley Research Center
 National Weather Service
 North Carolina Division of Aviation - North Carolina Promotion
 Petersburg Pilots Association
 U.S. Army
 U.S. Navy
 Virginia Chapter of Ninety-Nines - Recruitment info.
 Virginia Department of Aviation
 Visions Beyond Ministries - An aviation retreat
 Williamsburg Aeronautics - Flight Testing Services
 Wing Nuts Flying Club

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